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Spa Services

Common questions you may have regarding your spa visit.........

What is a Day Spa?
A Day Spa offers any number of water based therapies in conjunction with a full compliment of facial and body treaments.

Is there someone to help me decide which treatments are best for me?
A Spa Therapist will consult with you considering skin type, age and lifestyle.

What should I wear?
For the comfort of your spa visit, women should bring a bathing suit or extra undergarments while men should bring gym shorts. With your modesty in mind, our therapists are trained to drape towels or sheets discreetly over any areas of your body not involved in the treatment.

What do we provide?
Robes, slippers, towels, private lockers, private showers, and spa refreshments provided with all packages.

Should I take my jewelry off?
Please do not bring valuables to the spa.

Can I wear make-up?

Make-up will be removed for certain treatments. However, if requested, a touch-up may be available.

What if I am pregnant?
Women who are expecting should avoid treatments in certain areas using deep pressure, heat, and/or aromatherapy. A consultation prior to a spa visit is recommended. Always inform our staff of your pregnancy.

What about physical ailments?

It is extremely important that you inform one of our Spa Technicians of any heart conditions, high blood pressure, allergies, high risk pregnancy, cancer, diabetes, or respiratory problems.

What about personal comfort?
Our therapists are there to make sure your experience is enjoyable. If needed, please ask to have lighting, room temperature, music, or pressure adjusted during a treatment.

How early should I arrive for my spa treatment?
Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow for consultation and personal preparation. We understand situations can arise causing a late arrival, but please understand we may need to shorten or reschedule a service.

What about after care?
We advise that you maintain a high level of water consumption 24 hours after a body treament to keep the body detoxified.